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  • The benefits of eco-friendly packaging

    1.Reduced carbon footprint Many customers are concerned about the products and its packaging impact on the environment. By using eco-friendly packaging, you make a statement about how you market your products, and it helps you fulfill your corporate responsibility to pro...
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  • Four benefits of using bamboo toilet paper

    Nowadays, more and more environmentalists are joining the journey of those who use bamboo pulp toilet paper. Do you know the reasons? Bamboo has many advantages, bamboo can be used to make clothes, to make tableware, paper cups and paper towel,etc. Bamboo is forest frien...
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  • Are wooden pulp paper and bamboo pulp paper the same?

    Toilet paper is one of the necessities in our daily life and every person on the planet can use it every day. But do you know how toilet paper is made? Do you know the difference between wood fiber paper and bamboo fiber paper? Typically, toilet paper on the market was p...
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