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Are wooden pulp paper and bamboo pulp paper the same?

Toilet paper is one of the necessities in our daily life and every person on the planet can use it every day. But do you know how toilet paper is made? Do you know the difference between wood fiber paper and bamboo fiber paper?

Typically, toilet paper on the market was previously made from wood fibers. Manufacturers break down trees into fibers, which are made into wood pulp using modern technology with chemicals. The wood pulp is then soaked, pressed, and finally becomes the actual paper. The process typically uses a variety of chemicals. This will consume a lot of trees every year.

In the process of producing bamboo paper, only bamboo pulp is used, and no harsh chemicals are used. Bamboo can be harvested every year and requires much less water to grow than trees, which require a longer growth period (4-5 years) with much less effective material output. Bamboo is estimated to use 30% less water than hardwood trees. By using less water, we as consumers are making positive choices that conserve energy for the benefit of the planet, so this resource is appropriate. Compared to wood fiber, unbleached bamboo fiber will consume 16% to 20% less energy in the production process.

Shengsheng Paper, focusing on primary color bamboo paper, hopes that more and more people will understand it. It is more environmentally friendly. Our white bamboo/sugar cane paper is also eco-friendly as we have no harsh chemicals. We make full use of bamboo and bagasse to make primary color bamboo paper, which makes our paper towels more environmentally friendly. We make full use of the fibers with scientificand reasonable fiber ratio, and only purchase unbleached fibers to produce paper which can reduce the use of wooden fibers as much as possible, reduce deforestation to reduce carbon emissions. Love life and protect the environment,we provide you with safe and healthy household paper!
Raw toilet paper and napkins are super soft, durable and skin friendly.

Post time: Jun-01-2022