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Four benefits of using bamboo toilet paper

Nowadays, more and more environmentalists are joining the journey of those who use bamboo pulp toilet paper. Do you know the reasons?
Bamboo has many advantages, bamboo can be used to make clothes, to make tableware, paper cups and paper towel,etc. Bamboo is forest friendly and prevents the destruction of trees that protect our natural environment. Bamboo is a more sustainable material with many properties that make it ideal for producing environmentally friendly toilet paper.

1.Bamboo growth rate faster than trees
Bamboo is an extremely fast-growing grass species, making it a highly sustainable product. It is documented that bamboo can grow up to thirty-nine inches a day and can be cut down once a year, but trees take three to five years or more to cut down and then cannot be harvested. Bamboo grows shoots every year, and after a year they grow into bamboo and are ready to use. This makes them the fastest growing plants on the planet and perfect for people who want to go green. Therefore, the production of eco-friendly toilet paper is very sustainable because bamboo is both fast and adaptable. So bamboo is a more sustainable option that also saves time and resources, such as the increasingly limited water crisis in a growing climate.

2. No harmful chemicals, no inks and fragrances
Perhaps many people don't realize that most of our products, especially regular toilet paper, require the use of many chemicals, and most regular toilet paper and perfumes use chlorine. But eco-friendly toilet paper, such as bamboo toilet paper, does not use harsh chemicals such as chlorine, dyes or fragrances, and uses natural alternatives or none at all.
On top of that, the trees used to produce regular toilet paper rely on pesticides and chemicals to promote growth and damage the natural environment, producing more unsustainable products.

3. Reduce plastic packaging or no plastic packaging at all
Plastic production uses many chemicals in the manufacturing process, all of which have an impact on the environment to some extents. Therefore, we use plastic-free packaging for our bamboo toilet paper, hoping to reduce the harm to the environment.

4. Bamboo use less water during its growth and production of toilet paper
Bamboo requires much less water to grow than trees, which require a much longer growing period, and much less effective material output. It is estimated that bamboo uses 30% less water than hardwood trees. As consumers, by using less water, we are making a positive choice to save energy for the good of the planet.

Post time: Jun-01-2022