Custom cheap individually wrapped eco friendly bathroom sanitary soft bamboo tissue roll toilet paper

Short Description:

  • Color: Unbleached or white
  • Layer: 2ply-4ply
  • Sheet Size: 10*10cm or Customized
  • Sheets/roll: Customized
  • Embossing: Wave dot/ Dot/ Two lines/others
  • Sample: Free Samples Offered
  • Packaging: Copy paper wrapped individually or customized
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    soft bamboo toilet tissue paper roll Custom Printed soft Bamboo Toilet Paper Wholesale toilet roll


    100% virgin tree free pulp, bamboo pulp, sugarcane pulp


    White or unbleached brown




    2ply, 3ply, 4ply,5ply

    Sheet size

    10*10cm or customized


    Individual wrapped or customized as your request


    FSC, MSDS, related quality test report


    Free samples of our styles

    Factory audit


    Bamboo pulp,Environmentally friendly,Soft texture,

    Our products advantages

    1. 0 add, Use 100% natural bamboo fiber as raw material, without adding any bleaching chemical raw materials, no pollution to the environment, reduce deforestation, environmental protection.
    2.  No bleaching, Our natural unbleached paper does not use bleach, fluorescent agents and other harmful additives, eliminating harmful substances from the source and harmless to human body.
    3.  Food grade , A better tissue that can be in direct contact with food.
    4. Good characteristics, good water absorption, soft and natural, eco-friendly, easy to flush

    Briefly know of our production


    Shengsheng have its own paper manufacturing mill, we buy the raw materials(bamboo) from the local farmers and the bamboo go through many procedures and then come into the bamboo paper.
    Then we process the bamboo jumbo roll paper into small size, that is what we see and use in the market.


    Shengsheng paper can offer the custom services, including the paper color, the gsm, size, the packing. We can adjust the technical data to produce the suitable raw materials paper to make a better bamboo toilet paper for you as we have our own pulping mill, paper making mill. We focus on plastic-free packaging of our bamboo toilet paper, which is more eco friendly.


    Q1: What is bamboo?

    Bamboo is not a tree but a herb - the fastest growing plant on earth, growing 1/3 times faster than trees.

    Q2: Is your bamboo pulp paper environmentally friendly?

    Yes, our bamboo pulp paper is environmentally friendly, and our paper does not use harmful chemicals such as fluorescent agents.

    Q3: Why do we choose bamboo toilet paper?

    Bamboo is the fastest growing plant with high yield and high reproduction. Bamboo toilet paper is undoubtedly a very good choice, it can meet the demand of paper manufacturing while reducing damage and pollution to the environment. Bamboo toilet paper is also super soft, dust free, tank friendly.

    Q4: Can I get samples?

    Yes, samples are free. Custom samples are also supportive.

    Contact for free samples: Whatsapp:+86-19911269846


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