Factory Wholesale Cheap Custom 3 Ply Bamboo Facial Paper High Quality Soft Facial Tissue Paper

Short Description:

  • Product Name: 100% BAMBOO FACIAL TISSUE
  • Color: Unbleached
  • Layer: 2ply/3ply/4ply
  • Sheet Size: 155 x 180mm/customized
  • Sample: Free Samples Offered
  • Packing: Customized
  • Product Detail

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    Product Description

    Item name

    High quality soft bamboo facial tissue


    100% virgin bamboo pulp


    Unbleached brown



    Sheet size

    155 x 180mm


    420 sheet per packed


    FSC, MSDS, related quality test report


    Free samples supported

    Factory audit


    Bamboo pulp,Environmentally friendly,Soft texture,


    1. Tree Free, Eco-friendly facial tissue wipes made from sustainably grown bamboo, a fast growing grass, giving you a sustainable, eco friendly, green alternative to traditional tree based facial tissues, no dye, no fluorescent agent use, No harsh chemicals - just a pure plant-based formula that is gentle on all skin types.
    2. High quality: With good toughness and good water-absorbing. It won’t leave paper scraps on face or hands after wrapping.
    3. Multi-purpose: can be widely used in different places. You can place it in the toilet, kitchen, bedroom and living room. You can put it in your car, or backpack for outdoors. ULTRA SOFT, SAFE, & GENTLE ON SENSITIVE SKIN + lint free - making them great for cleaning smudges off eyewear cell phones, or makeup touch ups.


    Our advantages

    1. Located in the one of the largest raw material areas in China, Guangxi, rich in bamboo, sugarcane and other paper making resources.
    2. We have our own pulping mill, we can ensure the raw materials is full of supply and control the quality from the beginning to the finished products via IPQC and QA inspections.
    3. Custom service supported with custom all related specifications, such as the colors, size, packaging.
    4. Focus on plastic-free packaging, eco friendly solutions.


    Q1: Why choose bamboo pulp facial tissue instead of hardwood virgin pulp tree facial tissue?

    Growing period of bamboo is about 1-3 years while a tree is more than 3 years.

    Q2: Strong & soft

    The natural properties of the bamboo make its paper stronger than the paper derived from hardwood.

    Q3: Cuts down deforestation

    Trees take a considerable amount of time to grow. However, growing period of bamboo is about 1-3 years, which is over 30 times faster than conventional trees.

    Q4: Safer

    It is made using a process that does not use harmful chemicals such as the B.P.A.


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