Wholesale Cheap Oem 3 Ply Face Paper Disposable Soft Paper Facial Tissues

Short Description:

  • Product Material: 100% BAMBOO FACIAL TISSUE
  • Color: Unbleached
  • Layer: 2ply/3ply/4ply
  • Sheet Size: 155 x 180mm/customized
  • Sample: Free Samples Offered
  • Packing: Customized
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    High quality soft bamboo sugarcane facial tissue


    100% virgin pulp(bamboo/sugarcane)





    Sheet size

    170 x 128mm


    368 sheet per pack


    FSC, MSDS, related quality test report


    Free samples supported

    Factory audit



    Poduct Details

    photobank (6)
    Kitchen roll paper,Strong water absorption,Comfortable and soft

    Our advantages

    1. Super soft on your skin our facial soft tissues are a must-have in your makeup bag or kit. Less dusty than regular tissues, they are handy nose wipes and makeup remover wipes. Use them for a quick cleanup, too!
    2. Be kind to you and the planet - these facial bamboo tissues are safe for the whole family. No harmful chemicals used during our production.
    3. A sustainable alternative to virgin wooden pulp tissue- 27,000 trees are cut down every day to produce traditional facial tissues. So, we make paper from fast-growing bamboo and sugarcane to reduce deforestation and cut carbon emissions.

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    More About Us

    Q1: Why do we use bamboo?Something you should know about bamboo

    1.Bamboo is super sustainable and skin-friendly! It can be used to produce a lot products after related processing, such as clothes, tableware, drinkwares.
    2.bamboo is a grass, it does not need to be replanted after harvest. The bamboo spout will grow up in a year.
    3.Bamboo fibers are super soft and absorbent, the long fibers in bamboo contain fewer dust particles.

    Q2: Why guangxi can be one of the largest paper production bases in China?

    Guangxi is located in the south of China, at low latitude, in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, with warm climate and abundant rainfall, so it is suitable for planting crops such as sugarcane, bamboo and broad-leaved economic forest. The sugar cane can be matured and harvested in 1 year, and the bamboo can be matured and harvested after 1-3 years from bamboo shoots to mature bamboo; The special climate makes Guangxi the most abundant raw material resources for paper making in China, with rich and diversified sources of fiber materials.

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